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Monday, March 5, 2007

Hey Hey Hey!

Hey Guys! My name is Monique Coleman, and I'm a digital Animation and Production major here at Regent. God has really given me a heart of fire for the film industry at large, and I absolutely love it with a passion, live action in particular. My heart is to see filmed restored and used for His Glory, in a way that is RELEVANT to everyday and real people's lives and shows them the real hope that is Christ, instead of being horribly cheesy and turning them off. It's such a powerful tool, lets not waste it people. There is definitely a difference between a christian movie and a christian who makes movies. And I plan, by His grace, to be that difference. This is my second year here at the school, and my plan is to hopefully graduate by Dec. 2008, and to actually start to see that happen. But for the time that I'm here, definitely plan to glean and learn all I can that will strengthen me for the industry later. I so can't wait, it's so EXCITING!!!

On another note, I also have been blessed with the amazing honor of being one of the two Communication Reps serving on the Regent Undergraduate Council (RUC). So for all of you Communications students out there, if you ever need anything, need to voice an opinion, or just have a question, please feel free to contact me, we listen! We want the undergrad experience to become a downright amazing one, and way too much goes by when people are quiet. So don't be afraid to shout it out! Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at I already have the privilege of knowing a lot of you, and for those I don't, I definitely want the chance to change that and get to. Sound good? Great! :D

So can I just start of by saying that it's SPRING BREAK!?!?!?!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!! School work is over baby, and Spring Break is HERE!!!!! YEAH! Oh man, wow, can you tell that I'm so and completely excited? I was so ready for this, it was so time, and the fact that we don't have any homework and actually get to rest in between classes makes it ten times even better. I absolutely love the fact of having absolutely NOTHING to do...... Woohoo!

So see you all later, I gotta go soak up some of this AMAZING weather, and not have a care in the WORLD! Ha ha!

Later Friends,

~Mo ;)

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