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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's been a long, long, time.......

Hey Guys, it's me again :)

I haven't written in a while, I know, the whole world has seemed to change in such a short time. The last time I think I wrote was back in May, right before my b-day, and wow, just since that ime, how much has changed. So many life changing events, so many life changing experiences, people, places, thoughts, and things.......

But where in the world do I start? How do I begin to tell of what all these things have been, and what they have meant in my life? How do I express just how whole worlds of thought have been changed in my own heart and mind in regards to almost every area of life you could think of, people, places, and even things? It feels as if this area has always been such a struggle for me, to express just and how either amazing, life-altering, or impacting something has been to me, whether good or bad. And it sometimes doesn't feel as if words are always enough.

But I've decided that that shouldn't stop me from giving it a try anyway, right? Haha, Right. :)

So here I go, giving this writing thing another chance, and hopefully falling in love with where it takes me :)

But there's just way too much stuff to talk about for just one blog, so much has happened since my last one. So I guess I'll just "sum-up" or give a small preview........ So far, since May:

-I've turned 21 yrs. old

-Finally switched my major to the one God's called me to, and that I love :)

-Seen the Lord confirm His love and heart in me for the revival and salvation of the people of Europe

- Seen Him develop this overwhelming and deep love for the Muslim people and thier salvation

-Been to Bradford, England, the Muslim Capital of England, and had the life-changing experience and opportunity of having God use me to minister to both.... as well as of being ministered to.

-Started and gained so many amazing and new relationships and friendships right here back home, with the people that I left, all of which God has shown me have been for His purpose not only for today, but for where He's taking me in the future as well.

-Seen Him perform miraculous spiritual and relational Surgery, and turn people who I had once considered my enemies into miraculous friends

-Seen specific fullfillment of the promises He's promised me over the course of my life actually start to come to pass..... in amazing, "only God could have done" ways

-Havee had to say good-bye to a few dear and very close friends, trusting them in God's arms.....

-Seen God take the un-loveliness that is me and make me into something amazing, once again giving me a hope for the furture, HIS future, and seen Him set my life ablaze and on fire for Him and His heart, in ways that I never even knew I could be..... I've tasted of His revival, and I love the fact that I never want to be the same ever again :)

And that's just barely scratching the surface, just to name a few, all of which happening over a short period of just 3 months. Ha, I've been learning, that, when God wants to do something quickly in you and through you, He'll do a quick job of getting you prepped and in shape for it. If you let Him, that is :)

So hopefully, over the course of time, I'll finally be able to share about each of these, the amazingness of them all, the significance of each situation, and hopefully in a way that words are more than enough...... they're just right :)

Idk, I guess that's just what's swimming up in my head right now. More to come, I'm sure ;)

~Mo :)


Regent University said...

What major are you now?

Mo said...

I've actually switched my major to the new CTV (Cinema Film) Major! And, YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! I can't Wait! God has given me a just a love and passion for Film and Media at large, for just about as long as I can remeber, and I am SOOOOO excited to finally be starting this leg of my training. He totally told me and promised that He would get me here, and now, He has, and now I am so pumped and ready to get going, 'cuz the best is yet to come! Hooray! (can you tell I'm excited?....) :D

How 'bout you? What major are you in?

dancexriss said...

I love your blog

Moriah said...

It's been similar for me - for the past several years, I've had a love for Muslim people growing.
You have a nice blog.

~ Moriah

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