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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

True Love........ and Love at First Sight

A friend of mine was talking about how he and a friend saw something on television the other day , where these two people were doing something with this online dating service, and one of the ads were talking about "love at first sight". They both disagreed with it, saying that neither of them believed in such, and that there could be "attraction" at first first sight, but definitely not love. He then went on to say just and how much of this skewed view he saw in our culture today, especially in the lives of our youth (with older folks NOT excluded....)

I was thinking about it for a minute, and had absolutely no problem trying to figure out what I thought about it. I absolutely agreed. It had actually been quite a long and deep issue in my own heart for people for a while now.

I have TOO many times seen this sad philosophy and attitude in people, and have absolutely felt horrible for them as I watch them make and BASE life long relationships and major decision in life solely upon the fact of being "in love at first sight", only to find themselves horribly crashing later because of it. They had no REAL foundation. The only thing that had even motivated them toward or KEPT them in the relationship was a sense of mutual physical attraction, a somewhat and very much shallow sense of self gratification (them being in the relationship basically because of the fact that they get something from it, not necessarily because they're giving something back....). It's sad. And when the gratification runs out, so does the relationship. There was nothing really solid to stick around for anyway.

Then my friend continued to make another good point. He basically stated that, how,if you hadn't had the chance to act out the basic attributes of love, could you say that you are in love with this person? I 100% agreed with this. You need to have been around and have gotten to know someone for a while before you can really say that you "love" them. Why? Because you HAVE TO have the chance to forgive them, to be patient with them, to care for them, and even in the fact of us being Christians, pray for, exhort, and encourage them...... Then, only then, can you even BEGIN to love them with any kind of true love, and strive to imitate that most amazing and life-giving of loves, God's Unconditional Love. The best thing about that is, that, if we ask Him, God is totally there to help us to do so, to give this kind of love, because He already knows that we can't do it on our own, and because He also wants to give us the most amazing and life-filling relationships we could have ever asked for or imagined.

Anything else, based on anything else, is, I'm so sorry to say, just so sadly doomed for destruction.... and it IS a sad, sad fact. It's why the world is where it is today, most of it trying to live off of some sort of counterfeit love in anyway that they can, because, as the song says, at the end of the day, it really is "all about love".

So, yeah, No.......... I don't believe in "love" at first sight. Lust, yes, but love, no. Selfishness yes, but love no. "Warm-tingles" even, yes, but love, no. Love can only come once you've actually had the chance to love someone.

Just a few thought cookin' up in the kitchen right now...........

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DANIEL said...

I strongly agree with you.
My friend once told me that;for you to really know that you love someone is by picturing something bad about the person.
Example;picturing the person as a drug-addict.
You then ask yourself whether you still feel the same way.
If not, then there is something wrong somewhere.

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